Timber frame construction offers supreme versatility in the design and build-out of your barn. The use of full
dimension, rough cut timber provides the most sound, structural support available while showcasing the natural
beauty and integrity of each barn design. When choosing a style, start with the roof line and size you desire.
The many options available, from lean-tos to a stone foundation, windows to a widow’s peak, allow for complete customization of each barn build-out.


Every barn and structure is built to be unique and enhance the land upon which it is built. In addition to custom
design and full construction of your barn, we also offer barn kits for those over seas and our customers who prefer
a hands on approach to expanding their estate. With our passion and value of traditional craftsmanship and your
desire for a high quality, beautiful structure; we are excited to help you customize one of our many frames, and
give you a barn that is distinctly yours!


Contact us to request a catalog and start building your dream barn.

Stone Artistry

Stone is the oldest construction material known to man, as it is richly versatile in it’s shape, color, and applications. As we honor our heritage with timber frame construction, the addition of a fireplace, foundation, or exterior built with stone is a rustic, timeless, and beautiful compliment to your barn. Stone artistry, as with each design, is customized to accent your dream space and enhance the beauty and ambiance of your timber frame barn or existing home.

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