Real Wood Frames

Barn Builders SOLID RUGGED BEAUTIFUL Post and Beam Construction

In looking for a structure that will be as solid as it will be dependable, post and beam construction has stood the test of time. Commonly referred to as “timber frame” and “real wood,” this style of framework was used by our ancestors and passed down between generations. It is a timeless concept built on quality, durability and craftsmanship. The use of real wood to erect each structure gives phenomenal versatility in design, as the strong framework of post and beam construction carries
the structure’s working load, including the roof. The result is an open air outline that allows each owner to customize their floor plan and showcase the architectural
beauty of their barn.


Barn Builders SOLID RUGGED BEAUTIFUL Post and Beam Construction
We use “real wood” in erecting each barn. Our full dimension (8” x 8”), rough-cut timbers have the strength and integrity to support every design and be enjoyed for generations to come. In our standard for quality and craftsmanship, we use only hard wood: high elevation timber (grows slower, offering a denser, longer lasting structure) as well as standing dead timber. Every post and beam is harvested from a family owned sawmill in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Canada. The brackets and braces to stabilize each piece of timber, and support the frame, are designed and manufactured in Pella, Iowa. At Barn Builders, we take pride in working with small businesses, supporting the concept and those that built our country.


Barn Builders SOLID RUGGED BEAUTIFUL Post and Beam ConstructionBarn Builders, Inc. was built on the cornerstone of quality; remembering our heritage and the pride they took the craftsmanship of their work. When architect, engineer,
and founder of Barn Builders, Bruce Willemsen, was a young boy, he sat in the
kitchen of his family home and watched one of their barns burn to the ground.
Bruce vividly remembers being unable to save the barn, and that feeling is what motivated him to build. He began designing homes and restoring old barns to
preserve the history and share the unique story encompassed within each structure.
As a tribute to the many generations before him, who worked endlessly and
seamlessly to erect barns that would stand the test of time, Bruce began building
barns using post and beam construction. Real wood barns are a testament to the craftsmanship and quality of hard work, dedication and pride in our roots.

Bruce enjoys designing each barn, even more so, he is driven by the ability to create a piece of history and pass the
art of hands on construction to a younger generation. In honoring our heritage, Barn Builders remains the only
builder in the world that continues to erect real wood, ROUND barns. Taking pride in our heritage, pride in our craftsmanship, and pride in our business; we are proud to work with you.

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